Company Overview

Providing products toall tool distribution channels in Japan

The company business is carried out from our headquarters and seven branches and sales offices.
We provide our clients with support for selecting products and creating plans and proposals.
We also offer advice about how to sell our products, including how our clients can build their sales floors
so that the functions and applications of our products are correctly conveyed to end-users.

Our Information Center has an exhibition hall called Irodori Jijou and a training center.
Our East Japan Product Center has one of the largest permanent product showrooms in Japan.
These allow our employees to improve their product knowledge by coming into contact with the actual products.
We also use these facilities to improve communication with our clients.
For example, we invite our clients’ sales staff to the training center for classes and exhibitions
so that they can become more familiar with our products.

Global product procurement Developing products from concepts Expanding exports

We carry more than 100,000 product models, ranging from carpentry and power tools to hand tools and gardening equipment.
In addition to offering products from leading manufacturers in Japan and abroad, we also develop own own brands.

The wide-ranging product lineup allows us to satisfy not only professional users, but also women and seniors who traditionally have been unfamiliar with DIY activities.
In addition, concerted efforts among our different departments enable us to manufacture and deliver products with high added value.